Regional public organization “Belgorod region Motorcycling Federation” — is a public association, which was formed with the aim to develop the motorcycling sport in Belgorod region.

The full name of the organization is — Regional public organization “Belgorod region Motorcycling Federation”. The Federation is a juridical entity with state registration, which performs coordination with public bodies, public authorities, and international organizations regarding Organization’s activities.

Branch of activities:

  • Assistance in sportsmen training and successful performance at motorcycling competitions;
  • Participation in organization and holding of regional competitions in motorcycling;
  • Rendering assistance in development of physical culture and sport in Belgorod region;
  • Motorcycling promotion;
  • Setting cooperation with public and other organizations of Russian Federation, with the aim of experience exchange;

Regional public organization “Belgorod region Motorcycling Federation” is the part of Russia Motorcycling Federation, member of FIM. The superior governing body is General Member’s Meeting.

Decision implementing is performed by administrative board of Belgorod region Motorcycling Federation.
Belgorod region Motorcycling Federation Executive Board Chairman is Vladimir Bredikhin.